Positive Impact

As Social Performance Advisor, I am frequently in contact with the communities. While researching social investment requests I meet inspiring people who spend their free time making a positive contribution to their community.

The Hellevoetsluis Rescue is a voluntary association dedicated to safety on and along the water. The volunteers help people who get into trouble when swimming or doing sports on the lakes in the area. Additionally, they provide training and swimming lessons. On my visit I received a professional presentation and a tour of the club house. We also viewed the equipment and took a short trip on the Haringvliet with the lifeboat Jan Blanken, a great experience that demonstrated the size of the area the group covers. Proper and safe equipment is crucial and its maintenance is important and expensive. Shell Pernis donated a contribution to maintenance costs for the boats and other material.

Local paper coverage

Short trip with the volunteers of the rescue association

Short trip with the volunteers of the rescue association

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